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We provide services that are person-centered and choice based, modeled after the principles of self-determination.  Opportunities are provided to assist self-directed life that will increase the employ-ability of individuals in New Jersey.  The overall goal of the agency is to ensure that each individual will grow and develop into a positive, contributing member of their community.  By engaging in self-directed services, our members are capable of making meaningful choices that allow them to follow their dreams and enhance their lives.  We provide opportunities for meaningful social interactions in an integrated setting by accessing community resources such as museums, art galleries, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, post offices, etc.  Owner and CEO Neeta Das has over 35 years of experience working in this field providing opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness to live meaningful, independent, and integrated lives in the community.


CEA Morris will be Closed on Monday December 2nd due to inclement weather.

Halloween Party and Escape Room 2019

Center for Enhancing Abilities

Our state of the art facility provides a one of a kind program that is designed to teach skills that can be used for future employment and to increase personal and social fulfillment.


Center for Enhancing Abilities is a service of Progressive Comprehensive Services, LLC. We are a Qualified Provider for NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities Self Directed/Real Life Choice Programs.

Pop Up Art Exhibit at the Morris Museum

January 2019


Good News!!!

CEA III is now in Middlesex County!

25 South Main Street

Suite 2

Edison, NJ 08837

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#accessABILITIES Coffee House June 2019

Dinner Dance 2019


New York City

October 2018


Cabaret 2017

Our 4th Annual Cabaret was a complete success!  We wish to send a HUGE THANK YOU to our friends at the Morris Museum #accessABILITIES program, ECLC PRIDE and New Beginnings.

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