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Kitchen essentials are taught everyday in Cooking.  Members learn how to prepare a clean surface, handle knives and kitchen equipment safely, prepare a recipe (that can be replicated at home) and wash up afterwards.  Additionally, members are invited to bring in their own recipes to plan, make and bring home to enjoy!

Life Skills

Learn practical home skills that can be applied to everyday life.  Organization and clean living skills are taught in an easy and fun manner that can be duplicated at home and work.

Tae Kwon Do

Members learn the art of perseverence and self-control through traditional Tae Kwon Do instruction.  Taught in a safe, family-friendly and student-centered environment, members are encouraged and led to realize their physical and mental potential through stretching, forms (World Tae Kwon Do Federation Style), kicking/punching and Eastern philosophy.  Each unit ends with a classic promotion test where each member breaks a board and earns a new color belt. 


Art class provides hands-on learning through a vast array of mediums including paint, clay, cement, paper, chalk and more.  Classes are person-centered and individual projects are selected based on the abilities of each member.  Learning can be observed tangibly through the successful and timely completion of project pieces. Additionally, the environment is also adapted through the use of music and aromatherapy to provide a calm environment to promote creativity.

Therapeutic Art

Members learn relaxation techniques through guided art classes.  Using Mandala coloring techniques, members will appreciate the deeper meaning of color and how it relates to emotional health.


Yoga teaches relaxation and self-control through breathing and stretching.  It also provides fitness through poses that require practitoners to use their own body-weight as resistance.  Taught to the sound of soothing elemental music and aromatherapy, Yoga is a great way to stay healthy! 

World Studies

In this class our members learn and study facts about the world around them.  The class is taught through different mediums including video, art and discussion.  Each unit ends with a collaborative project that all members work on using their gifts and talents.


PiYo is a dynamic workout that is a fusion of Pilates and yoga. It incorporates the strenth and repetition required in Pilates with the added bennefit of flexibility training from yoga. Our members have the advantage of participating at all levels of ability based on many available modifications.  

Social Development

Social cues, manners and interpersonal skills are built in this class that focuses on how to make friends and interact with others in a group setting.  Games such as Uno, Apples to Apples and Jenga are used to stimulate appropriate conversation and members are guided as they work on taking turns, making eye contact and speaking at a reasonable volume.


Gross and fine motor skills are strengthened in this hands-on class.  Members must follow directions, use tools and spatial awareness to create beautiful crafts from scratch.  Using inspiration from Pinterest and other social media, members select appropriate projects that can be created in a short time frame and brought home to share with their families.


Members will learn the skills and value of self expression through classes in the performing arts.  Classes teach theatrical technique, stage directions and performance coaching through various mediums.  Acting, singing, dancing and other skills are guided and polished until ready for a public performance!


In Wellness, members discuss what it means to be healthy and happy.  Circle time provides an opportunity to express feelings and ask questions for group discussion.  Topics such as nutrition, hygiene, clean living and fitness are regularly discussed in an energetic, enthusiastic, person-centered format. 


This class serves as an introduction to the basic concepts of photography with a through focus of you and your camera.  Create and capture special moments that will be with you for a lifetime.  Learn how to photo edit, and develop your masterpieces.

Personal Development

Members learn how to journal, set goals, express opinions and participate in discussion groups.  This class provides personal tools to help gain confidence and become a self-advocate.

Lost Wax

In our lost wax class members learn the art of carving their designs in wax, and then have them cast in metals such as brass, bronze or silver. This is a carefully guided class that demonstrates the different stages that are required to create a piece of jewelry. From the beginning stages of creating the concept, filing and carving the piece, sending it to be cast in metal, and finally polishing the finished product, members learn to appreciate all the details that are required to create their own unique piece. 


Students in Sewing use a number of skills as they pick, design and create their own sewing projects from start to finish!  They begin by looking over different cuts of outfits, choosing what they want to make and then designing it on paper. From there, a pattern is cut out and work begins on their garment!

Coming in Spring 2016:  Center for Enhancing Abilities FASHION SHOW!  Come back soon for more details! 


Our computer classes are designed to meet each individual's capabilities and expand on them. Basic computer skills and internet safety are taught, as well as prevocational soft skills including: resume building, MS Office and email. We also explore popular social media outlets such as FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Dance is a way we all express ourselves, relieve stress, relate to others, and boost our mood! In our dance class we use each individual's creative expression to create choreography, learn new dance styles and create a language that transcends words.   


Members can reflect on the literary beauty of America's best poets.  Whether they are listening thoughtfully or actively reading aloud, this class aim as inspiring creative thinking.

Cinema Studies

Learn to appreciate film through analyzing and breaking down scenes and discover the elements and components that make up a good movie!  The course is taught using scenes from popular films and tv shows and guided in a sensory friendly atmosphere.

Music Lessons

Every member of the center can elect to take private or group music lessons in voice or an instrument of their choice!  Lessons are 15 minutes long and occur multiple times per week.  Whether a student is learning to play for the first time or is looking to improve on an existing skill, musical students are welcome at all stages!

Sign Language

Every fall our members participate in a musical number performed in American Sign Language for our annual Cabaret.  This class provides an opportunity not just to learn a different way to communicate, but also stimulates neural pathways and speech centers of the brain!  Great for members who are non-verbal or who wish to communicate with those who are! 

Music Appreciation

In Music appreciation members have the opportunity to expand their taste of different musical genres and apply it by creating their own samples using "Garage Band" software on our iMac.  Each month we explore a different genre and examine the specific, various elements that give that genre it's specific sound.  


This class is designed to foster the ideals of proper etiquette, good manners and civil behaviors. Come polish your skills at the Center! Once you graduate from our internal program, chose some friends and a local restaurant and showcase your learned sophistication during a lunch outing. 

Art Appreciation

In Art Appreciation, members choose a famous artist each month , research history about him/her then study and critique their work. Creative art projects are then chosen, which are inspired by that artist.

Artists such as Jackson Pollock (Paint Dripping), Franz Marc (Animals and color Symbolism), Georges Braque ( Cubism) and Johannes Vermeer (underpainting) are just a few of the artists covered so far!


Coming January 2016:  Claude Monet and French Impressionism!

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