Past Events

We believe it is important to be active in our community and regularly create, sponsor and participate in events for the entire public to enjoy.  Below are some proud moments from the past!

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Past Events

I'mpossible:  Our Second Annual Fashion Show

"Tae Kwon Do!!"...... That's what you would've heard being yelled On February 18th 2017 as our members chopped through wood, received their belts, and practiced their sparring at the Dragon's Den martial arts academy! (You don't want to mess with these guys) 

CENTER STAGE:  Our 3rd Annual Cabaret

On December 15th 2016, our members took the spotlight at the Bickford Theatre at the Morris Museum and showed off their natural gifts and amazing talents for our annual Cabaret!  It was a night of music, dance, art and SO MUCH MORE!

Art Show

We were very proud to be invited back to the Morris Museum this Fall with another Pop-Up Art Exhibit of collected works created by our Members.  This exhibit was sponsored by the Morris Museum accessABILITY program.  

At The Center for Enhancing Abilities we are always striving to encourage our members’ creative vision and enhance their growth through opportunities and choices.
Over several months our members worked closely with Rachael Bondy, Director of Art and Design, to create their own fashion designs and walked the runway at our first annual fashion show at the Morris Museum on June 22nd, 2016!  We are very proud of each and every one of them!

Fall Cabaret 2015:  Where Words Fail Music Speaks
Our annual Fall performance was a complete success!  Over 120 people attended our one night only event which featured 35 of our members showcasing a plethora of talent! 



"Our World"
Mural unveiled in public art gallery in Chester, NJ

As part of our World Studies course, members and staff of the Center collaborated to create the world as it appears through our eyes.  The project, which took over 120 hours to complete over the course of four months was honored by being selected to be displayed at the MCAW public art program at the Chester Spring Shopping Center in Chester, NJ!  

Morris Museum Art Exhibit
We are proud to partner with the Morris Museum's Access-Ability Program which focuses on integration and inclusion for all members of our community.  We recently held an art exhibit, which was fully created by our members and led by our Artistic Director, Rachael Bondy. 



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